How to Repair Breather for YALE G807 Forklift Truck

The breather can be repaired with the transaxle installed to the lift truck and the drive tire removed. The breather equalizes air pressure inside the transaxle with the air pressure outside. If the breather is visibly damaged then the breather should be replaced.


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1.Remove drive tire and block lift truck frame to position transaxle at the same height and position as with drive tire installed.

See Periodic Maintenance 8000 YRM 1339 for lift truck models

  • ERP15-20VT (ERP030-040VT) (G807) See Periodic Maintenance 8000 YRM 1373 for lift truck models
  • ERP16-20VF (ERP30-40VF) (A955)

2.Remove breather cap by shearing of with a flat screwdriver.


3.Remove spring by hand. A small breather ball is located under spring. Blow into breather at a slight angle with compressed air to force breather ball out.

4.Install a 6mm thread tap into breather using a tap wrench, and pull breather out of housing


5.Position new breather into housing by hand.


A special tool is require to set the proper gap between housing and breather head. DO NOT drive the breather flush against the housing.

6.Drive breather into housing using Breather Set Tool (refer to section General, Special Tools) and a nylon faced hammer.


7.Reinstall drive tire and tighten lugs to 170 N•m (125 lbf ft). Remove truck from blocks.

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