How to replace spark plug correctly by yourself (video)

Spark plug is an essential part of any working combustion engine and all modern cars. Like anything, they wear out after long time using. And they are a relatively easy-to-fix issue on your car. If you hire someone to replace it, it will cost a lot and so not profitable. Because is so easy to do it, so i share this guide on how to replace spark plug correctly by yourself.


Tools you need:

1.Ratchet wrench

2.Extension bar

3.Spark plug socket

4.Gap gauge

Step 1: According to your user manual, locate where the spark plugs are. Usually, open the hood or bonnet of your car, you will see a bundle of 4-8 wires leading to different points on the engine compartment. The spark plugs are located at the engine end of these wires, under the plug covers that attach them.

How to replace spark plug-2

Step 2: Pull the wire plug from the engine by gripping it as closely to the bottom as possible and working it gently and carefully off to reveal the spark plug.

How to replace spark plug-3

Step 3: Get stander number of spark plug gap and use gap gauge to set the number to new spark plug. The gapping number guide is on the hood or bonnet, you need to find it and use gap gauge to set number to new spark. My car is 1.1.

How to replace spark plug-4

How to replace spark plug-5

Step 4: Use spark-plug socket and extension bar to install new spark plug.

At the end of article, more detail information about replacement of spark plug at below video guide.

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