How to Renew Scania Truck Oil Pressure Regulator for 7 Litre Engine

This instruction show you guide on how to renew oil pressure regulator for Scania truck 7 litre engine.


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Preparatory operations

1.Open the rear engine compartment door.

2.Remove the alternators.

3.Remove the exhaust manifold heat shield.




1.Clean the area around the oil pressure regulator (1).

2.Remove the oil pipe from the oil cooler cover (2).

3.Remove the oil pressure regulator’s threaded plug (3).

4.Remove the spring (5).

5.Remove the piston (6): Insert a finger so that it is sucked into the piston. Then pull straight up.

6.If re-using the oil pressure regulator: Clean and check the oil pressure regulator.





1.Fit a new O-ring (4) on the threaded plug (3).

2.Fit the piston (6) and the spring (5) and screw the plug (3) into place. Use a socket to facilitate fitting of the plug.

3.Fit the oil pipe (2) on the oil cooler cover.


Finishing operations

1.Fit the heat shield.


2.Fit the alternators.

3.Run the engine and check for leaks.

4.Close all engine compartment doors.

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