How to Remove and Install ECM for Hitachi ZX890-7 Excavator

It is necessary to remove ECM when you need do ECM flashing,ECM replacement.So here show you guide on how to remove and install ECM for HITACHI ZX890-7 excavator.


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Removal of ECM
1.Set the machine position for inspection and maintenance. (Refer to Preparation before Inspection and Maintenance in the separate Workshop Manual.)

2.Set the key switch to the OFF position. Wait 5 minute or longer, and then set battery disconnect switch to the OFF position.
Set the battery disconnect switch to the OFF position.

3.Remove the DCU.(Refer to “Removal of DCU”T5-1-31)
4.Disconnect connectors (19) (2 used).

5.Remove bolts, washers (21) (4 used). Remove the ECM (16) assembly.
6.Remove bolts, washers (18) (4 used). Remove ECM (16) from brackets (15, 17).



Installation of ECM
1.Install ECM (16) to brackets (15, 17) with bolts, washers (18) (4 used).
2.Install the ECM (16) assembly with bolts, washers (21) (4 used).


4.Install the DCU.(Refer to “Installation of DCU”T5-1-33)
5.Set the battery disconnect switch to the ON position. (Refer to “Precautions for Inspection and Maintenance”T5-1-5)
6.Perform the Aftertreatment Device Forcible Manual Regeneration Control and Differential Pressure Sensor Zero Point Calibration functions.

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