Hitachi EX5600 Excavator Air Conditioner Removal and Installation Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install air conditioner for Hitachi EX5600 excavator.




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Air compressor motor (6) is located at the rear of the cab bed.
CAUTION: Bleed air from the hydraulic oil tank.
IMPORTANT: Cap the open ends of disconnected hoses. In addition, attach identification tags onto
the connectors, hoses, and pipes to identify them for reassembly.

1.Set the machine for inspection and maintenance.

Stop the engine. Turn OFF the isolation switch.
2.Remove bolts, washers (2) (6 used). Remove cover (1).

3.Disconnect hoses (3, 4, 5).


4.Loosen bolts, washers (4) (6 used). Loosen lock nuts (3) (3 used). Turn adjustment bolts (2) (3 used) and release the belt (5) (3 used) tension. Remove belts (5) (3 used).Bolt, Washer (4)
Adjustment Bolt (2), Lock Nut (3)
5.Remove bolts, washers (8) (3 used) and bolt, washer (9). Remove retainer (7), pulley (6), and key (10).
Bolt, Washer (8)
Bolt, Washer (9)
6.Remove socket bolts (11) (2 used) and washers (12) (2 used). Remove air compressor motor (1) from bracket (13).
7.Remove the adapters from the air compressor motor (1) if necessary



1.Install all removed adapters onto air compressor motor (1).
2.Install air compressor motor (1) onto bracket (13) with socket bolts (11) (2 used) and washers (12) (2 used).

3.Install key (10) and pulley (6) onto air compressor motor (1). Install the retainer (7) with bolts, washers (8) (3 used) and bolt, washer (9).

Bolt, Washer (8)


4.Install belts (5) (3 used). Adjust the belts (5) (3 used) to the correct tension by rotating adjustment bolts (2) (3 used). Lock nuts (3) (3 used)

NOTE: Push belt (5) at center part (A) by finger strongly with 98 N (72 lbf) and adjust sag dimension (B) to 11 to 12 mm (0.433 to 0.472 in).

IMPORTANT: When belt (5) was replaced with a new belt, the initial run-in has not yet been performed.
Therefore, adjust the tension of belt (5) again after running the engine at slow idle for 3 to 5 minutes.
5.Install brackets (14) (3 used) with bolts, washers (4) (6 used).


6.Connect hose (5).
7.Connect hoses (3, 4).
8.Bleed air from the hydraulic system.

9.Check the hydraulic oil level. Start the engine and check for any oil leaks.
10.Install cover (1) with bolts, washers (2) (6 used).

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