Doosan ISUZU 6UZ1 Engine Intake Throttle Valve Removal & Installation Guide

Here is an illustration show you guide on how to remove and install intake throttle valve for Doosan machine with ISUZU 6UZI INT-Tier 4 engine.


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Intake Throttle Valve Removal

1.Battery Ground Cable Disconnect

Disengage the battery ground cable from the battery.

Caution: Do not disconnect the battery cable for 1 minute after turning OFF the ignition switch.


2.Engine Harness Disconnect

Disengage the harness connector from the intake throttle valve.

Note: Pull the lock operation portion to release the lock.



3.Intake Throttle Valve Removal

Remove the intake duct from the intake throttle valve.

Remove the intake throttle valve from the inlet duct.

Remove the O-ring from the intake throttle valve.


Intake Throttle Valve Installation

1.Install the O-ring to the intake throttle valve.

Install the intake throttle valve to the inlet duct.

Install the intake duct to the intake throttle valve.

tightening torque: 22 N・m { 2.2 kgf・m / 16 lb・ft }



2.Engine Harness Connect

Connect the harness connector to the intake throttle valve.

Note: After connecting the harness connector, press in the lock operation portion to lock.



3.Battery Ground Cable Connect

Connect the battery ground cable to the battery.

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