Hitachi MPDr Diesel Exhaust Fluid Air Bleed for Hitachi ZX890-LCR

Here is an instruction show you guide on how to use MPDr diagnostic software to do air bleeding from the diesel exhaust fluid defrosting piping for Hitachi ZX890-LCR excavators.


The DEF defrosting piping is equipped along with the DEF piping in order to prevent DEF from freezing. After performing the following procedures, bleed air from the DEF defrosting piping and fillthe DEF defrosting piping with coolant.


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When the DEF supply module, DEF sensor unit, coolant control valve, or coolant hose has been replaced

When coolant has been drained



Turn ON the key switch with stopping the engine.

Start MPDr. Select the [E] Air Bleeding from the DEF/AdBlue Defrosting Piping (1).


Push the START (2) button.


Ensure that the Executing icon (3) is displayed. Start the engine within 10 seconds.

After starting the engine, set the engine control dial to the fast idle position.

When the Executing icon (3) disappears after 150 seconds have passed, the operation is completed.

Turn OFF the key switch.



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