How to Install Crack & Original ECM Titanium Software

This post show a guide on how to install Crack and Original ECM Titanium ECU remap software.


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Crack ECM Titanium Installation Guide:

Open “My computeràECM Titanium (E:)” to copy the folder “ECM FULL” to “My computeràLocal Disk (C:).


Open “Local Disk (C:)àECM FULL”

Right click “ECM Titanium Alientech S.r.l.” to sent to Desktop.

Open “Shortcut to Titanium” on Desktop

Click OK for WinLicense.

Select “InfoàLizenz ECM Titanium”

Read and click OK

Select “Werkzeuge->Sprachauswhl” to do language setup.

Select ?”English” and click OK



Original ECM Titanium Installation Guide:


To run ECM Titanium software it is necessary to use a computer running Window Vista or 7 that has a free USB port.


Installing USB Driver

Following the procedure written in the document ECM_Quickstart_ENU.pdf (located in the same

ECM Titanium USB flash drive, Picodisk), the operating system of the computer will install the suitable USB driver used to operate the flash drive.


From this point on, you no longer need to repeat this procedure,unless you want to use the program on another computer. In this case, you must repeat the installation of the USB driver as described in  the document ECM_Quickstart_ENU.pdf.


Running ECM Titanium

To run ECM Titanium software, just follow these four steps:

  1. Plug the flash drive into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Wait until Windows® operating s
  3. Choose Open folder from the list
  4. Search the file ECM_Titanium.bat and run it.


After completing these steps, ECM Titanium Upgrade Program Window will pop up

When ECM Titanium Upgrade Program window is open, the software tries to connect to the Internet Databank to look for any updates and download the list of the available Drivers. In this phase it is recommended that the PC is connected to the Internet.


After updating, it finally appears the main window of ECM Titanium software ready to be used.


If ECM Titanium doesn’t start up,please contact your dealer in order to solve the problem.

It is recommended to install on your PC the ECM Titanium Management Tool software,which

allows you to run ECM Titanium without using the AutoPlay window or Window Explorer every time.


To install the ECM Titanium Management Tool Software,just follow these five steps:

  1. Plug the flash drive into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Wait until Windows® operating system display the AutoPlay window.
  3. Choose Open folder from the listed option
  4. Search the file SetupECMTools.exe and run it.
  5. Complete the installation wizard of the software ECM Titanium Management Tools.