How to Fix 6 inch Bumper Cracks by Plastic Welding

In this instruction,we’ll show you how to easily fix a o6 inch bumper crack by using plastic welding.


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The tools we need:

180 grit Sander

Aluminum tape

Basic glass cleaner

Dremel with a teardrop bit

Plastic welder

Poly-flex flexible polyester



Before we start anything, identify plastic first. In our case, it marks “Honda PP”(Polypropylene)


So that we’ll go ahead and find polypropylene


Use aluminum tape to hold the crack on front side


Use glass cleaner  or wax and grease remover to clean the crack surface backside to make sure it doesn’t have any silicone or anything of that nature.


Use 180 grit sander to get some overspray from underside the bumper


Blow it off


Put a half inch all around the crack with mesh to reinforce the back area


Melt mesh into the bumper, weld it very gentle, then smooth welds out


Use 180 grits sander to take the glossiness away


Get a little bit beat up to melt the rod one side first, then put it on the crack, break it off, melt rod in, pressed appropriately down into all those little grooves


After do that, back side is finished.

Sander front side crack with 180 grit.

Use the teardrop shaped dremel attachment to make a v-groove crack


Feed polypropylene rod into welder slowly


Weld fiber flex rod on the low spot where the groove we just made


Use 180grits sander smooth it out. After do that, we’ll find some little divots there.

Use a poly-flex flexible polyester or glazing putty to fill in those little divots.


Use 180 grits sander smooth it out again then use some flexible primer on it



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