How to DIY Repair Big Crack on Bumper for Nissan

This instruction will show you how to repair a big crack on a bumper for Nissan by yourself.

The plastic on this modern bumpers is really tin and it’s quite easy to crack even with the smallest little bit of damage.



Remove the bumper from the car. Use 120 grit sandpaper to remove shine off the plastic on the back side, because anything we put on there won’t stick if the surface is too shiny.


Then use some alcohol to clean down the plastic.

Two-part epoxy and a regular bandage will be used to repair the crack.


Put a pair of pliers in the bumper to hold a roughly in shape, take a little pins from cardboard box, trim it down a little bit in size.


Sand with sandpaper to make a bit of a groove in the bumper for placing pins


Put pins in, then use soldering iron or other tools you can find to melt pins into the bumper


Remove the pliers.  Previous steps are the extra step, you could skip it. But these steps really straightens up the bumper.

Laid down the bandage with the epoxy on top of it, leave it unless ten minutes to go hard


Put a little bit of black paint on it to make it more pleasing to the eye.


Put the bumper back on the car.

Rub the damage area down with a bit of 120 grit sandpaper


This is some flexible body for that just mix it up


Sand up the 80 grit sandpaper, then sand up to 180 grit sandpaper


Put on three coats of primer. After it gets hard, sand up with 800 grit sandpaper


Use a spray gun or an aerosol spray the clearcoat


The finish look



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