How to disable remove BMW F-Series iDrive legal disclaimer screen

Every time when you start BMW car, there is a massage about “Legal Disclaimer” on the iDrive.You need to click away every time,it is a bad experience.So is there a way to disable or remove iDrive Legal Disclaimer massage?


You need to do coding for your car.Take the BMW F series car as an example.


Tool you need:

BMW F-series Coding Software E-sys v3.27.1 (BMW E-sys Software Free Download)

BMW ENET OBD2 Interface

A Laptop

BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide


Disable remove iDrive Legal Disclaimer Coding Procedure:

1.Connect  BMW ENET Cable to your car OBD2 socket then to laptop.

1.Open the E-sys Software and find below code to change:

3001—> LEGAL_DISCLAIMER_TIME = kein_ld


E-sys software picture

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