Honda ECM/PCM Replacement by Honda HDS

Accessing to Honda key/immobilizer codes require the employee’s personal information to be entered in order to maintain accountability and ensure personal responsibility. To calculate PCM access codes for Honda vehicles (Honda Insight, Civic, Accord, Prelude, S2000, CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, Element, Ridgeline, Fit and others…) you need to know last 5 digits of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).


These codes are required for access security procedures with HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) and other OEM equipment


What we need?

Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool

HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator

Honda HDS Software Download

How to Install Honda HDS Software for DIY

Aftermarket Honda HDS Multiplatform Software Install



No need to install HDS IMMO PCM code calculator, directly run and use. Connect the USB Dongle when you calculate the PCM Code.
Keep down VIN number, PCM code etc on paper.

Honda ECMPCM Replacement by Honda HDS (1)

Honda ECMPCM Replacement by Honda HDS (2)


Step-by-step ECM/PCM replacement instructions:

1)Connect Honda HDS device into the OBD port located under the dashboard on driver’s side.
2) Turn the vehicle ignition to ON
3) Ensure your HDS HIM is well communicated with the ECM/PCM and other vehicle systems.
4) Select “PGM-F1” in the HDS program
5) Select “INSPECTION MENU” in HDS system
6) Select “ETCS TEST” and then select “TP POSITION CHECK”. Follow the screen prompts.
If fail to select TP POSITION CHECK, repeat the procedure.
7) Select “REPLACE ECM/PCM MENU” and then select “READ DATA”, and follow the screen prompts. The procedure will read the engine oil life data from the original ECM/PCM. If fail to read data, repeat the procedure. You are able to download (WRITES) it into the new ECM/PCM.
8) Select “A/T” system in the HDS program
9) Select “REPLACE TCM/PCM MENU”, then select “READ DATA”. Follow the screen prompts. Ignore SCS line.
10) Turn the vehicle ignition to LOCK (0)
11) Remove the ECM/PCM cover (A)


Honda ECMPCM Replacement by Honda HDS (3) Honda ECMPCM Replacement by Honda HDS (4)


12)Remove the battery holder (B) and put it away from ECM/PCM.
13) Remove the bolts (D) and loosen the bolt (E)

Honda ECMPCM Replacement by Honda HDS (5) Honda ECMPCM Replacement by Honda HDS (6)


14) Disconnect ECM/PCM connectors A, B, and C, then remove the ECM/PCM (F).
NOTE: ECM/PCM connectors A, B, and C have symbols (A=□, B=△, C=○) embossed on them for identification.
15) Install ECM/PCM in reverse order of removal
16) Turn the ignition switch to ON
17) Enter the VIN which already actually calculated by HDS IMMO VIN Code calculator to ECM/PCM.
18) Select “PGM-FI” system in HDS program
19) Select “REPLACE ECM/PCM MENU”, then select “WRITE DATA”
20) Select “A/T SYSTEM” in HDS
21) Repeat Step 20). Select “REPLACE ECM/PCM MENU”, then select “WRITE DATA”
22) Select “IMMOBI” system in HDS
23) Manually enter the immobilizer ECM/PCM code that you got previously, and use the ECM/PCM replacement procedure in the HDS; it allows you to start the engine.
24) If the system fails to TP POSITION CHECK, clean the throttle body
25) If the system fails to READ DATA or WRITE DATA, replace the engine oil and the engine oil filter.
26) Select the PGM-FI system, and reset the ECM/PCM with the HDS.
27) Update the ECM/PCM if it does not have the latest software.
28) Do the ECM/PCM idle learn procedure.
29) Do the CKP pattern learn procedure.

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