DTS Monaco Disable Sidemarker US to ECE Conversion for Benz W205

This instruction show you guide on how to use DTS Monaco to code sidemarker disable–US to ECE conversion for Mercedes Benz W205.



Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software



ECU: BC F222

1.For the front Bumper:

Group/ Dienste: OLC Standlicht Modell Schreiben

PLSM SML HI enable -》 off

PLSM SML VO enable -》 off

Group/Dienste: OLC Parklicht Sidemarker HW Schreiben

Freigabe_Sidemarker_VL-》 disable

Freigabe_Sidemarker_VR-》 disable

Tatung_ Sidemarker_Ⅵ→》 disable

Taktung sidemarker_ VR-》 disable


2.For the rear Bumper

ECU: BC R222

Group/Dienste: OLC Standlicht HW Write

Freigabe_ SM hi links-》 disable

Freigabe_ SM hi rechts-》 disable

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