Doosan DMS-5 FAD1005 “Not Response from ECU” Solution

Doosan DMS-5 diagnostic software allow you connect ECU to do some parameters programming,but something you will get fault code FAD1005 “Not response from ECU”,here give the solution.


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There is no response from the ECU.

  • Make sure the power is supplied to the ECU. (Equipment driven state)
  • Check the communication status. (Cable, Connector tightening status.)
  • Make sure you have the same notification also occurs in the Gauge panel

– If the same occurs in the gauge panel alerts,check the communication connection between the


  • Make sure that the ECU information of the ECU and the equipment selected in the program the

same model.

  • Verify that the problem also perform other functions.
  • If you have problems in performing other functions, please contact the administrator for the notification.


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