How to Solve InPower Tool Device Explorer No Response Error

This post show you solution for InPower tool device explorer “Failed while attempting to connect to AutoConnect.Error No respone”



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Reason: Controller is not responding to InPower Tool.
Solution: Please check the following possible solution to resolve the issue
Please make sure once that controller is powered on.
1.Try with Brainbox US-101-001 USB 1 PORT RS232 for connection (We have tested our tools functionality with this brainbox so we are recommending to use the same adaptor)


2.Following image is of Brainbox convertor & green cable connection try to connect accordingly. (RS-232 convertor port to brainbox side & RS-485 to green cable)


3.Please confirm and check that USB com port is detecting in “Device Manager” as below,Device Manager->Right click on Computer Name->Scan for Hardware changes.


4.Please contact to local IT Team if the USB adaptor is plugged in to USB port and it is not detecting in device manager.
5.Please check your hardware connections & try using different cables. Current cables might be faulty.
6.Try connecting any other controller using same setup.
7.Try changing laptop USB port.
8.Please check the USB drivers are installed and updated.
9.Download latest InCal files once again.
10.Try to connect again with controller.

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