Bobcat E85 Excavator Console Lockout Switch Maintenance Guide

This instruction show you how to maintenance guide on console lockout switch for Bobcat E85 excavator.It includes console lockout switch testing,adjustment,removal and installation.


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Testing And Adjustment

Remove the upper left console cover.


Disconnect the wire harness (Item 1.

Connect a multimeter to the switch wire harness.


There must be no continuity when the console is in the raised position


There must be continuity when the console is in the down and locked position


Loosen the nut (Item 1) and turn the stop (Item 2) out to raise the stop, or in to lower the stop.

Tighten the nut (Item 1) after adjusting the stop height.


Remove the upper console cover.

Remove the lower console cover.


Disconnect the wire harness (Item 1)


Loosen the nut (Item 1) and remove the switch.


Removal And Installation

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Remove the rear cover.


Disconnect the harness (Item 1)


Remove the screws (Item 1)


Remove the sender (Item 1)


Installation: Install the sender with the arrow (Item 1)

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