AGCO POWER EEM4 Engine K4144 MPROP Control Open Circuit Repair

Here is a instruction guide on how to repair AGCO POWER EEM4 engine K4144 MPROP control Open circuit trouble.More repair case for JCB,please refer to:JCB Trouble Repair

AGCO POWER EEM4 Engine K4144 MPROP Control Open Circuit Repair


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The EEM4 system has detected an open circuit on the high pressure pump control (MPROP).


Possible causes are:

The solenoid valve connector is defective.

The solenoid valve wiring is defective.

The solenoid valve is defective.


Reaction in EEM

The FC is stored and the warning lamp is activated. The CAN message indicates active fault.



First save the error log and then erase it. Restart the ECU after erasing the error log. If the fault occurs again during the next driving cycle, check the following paths:

Check the solenoid valve wiring, the connectors and the contact surfaces of the connector pins (possible oxidation).

Measure between the low side from the MPROP connector to the ECU connector pin, to see if there is a fault cable.

Check the operation with another MPROP solenoid valve to see if the solenoid valve is defective.

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