3 Pretty usually features of your Volvo

This instruction will show you some pretty usually features of Volvo maybe you didn’t know. After read it, if you want to check more cases about Volvo, please refer to Volvo Trouble Repair.


If you want to raise your wipers, but they get stuck at the hood.There is actually a service position of your wiper blades. Here we will show you how to put windshield wipers in service position.


Insert the key into the ignition slot

Your right hand lever push it up and hold a second or two, the wipers go up and stay in that position.


Pull out the key. Now you can replace your wipers.

You can wash your car, remove the snow under the hood, you can leave it overnight like this if you don’t want the wipers to freeze.


Make sure that you don’t forget to put the wipers down to the windshield. So that you won’t damage your hood when you start the car. Once the engine is being restarted the wipers will go into the normal position.


Below steps is description for how to open your fuel door manually.

Find a cover in the trunk area

Remove it



There is sound-deadening material, open this door


Pulling the green lever towards the back and the fuel door will open



Tilting and folding mirrors when parking

If you parallel park and you’re in reverse, you can press the right mirror, the mirror will automatically go down to help you out with the parking. If you or you drive away, the mirror will go up automatically to the preset memory. Same for left side.

If you press both left and right together, the mirrors will fold. And this way if you have a narrow street and you can hide your mirrors in case that someone will damage them.



To unfold the mirrors you just need to press left and right together , mirrors will unfold.


Below are three very usually and cool features of Volvo. If you want to see more case about Volvo, please visit to Volvo.

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