BMW X5 E53 Self-adaptive Hightlighs & Automatic Windshield Wipers Trouble

A BMW X5 E53 SUV made 2004 with 116317 km self-adaptive headlights and automatic windshield wipers do not work.And this article share the progress of how to solve of BMW E53 self-adaptive headlights and automatic windshield wipers trouble.If you meet the same repair problem,help this article can give some advices.

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BMW X5 E53 Self-adaptive Hightlighs & Automatic Windshield Wipers Trouble

Trouble symptoms:

* After turning headlight to automatic pisition,self-adaptive headlights only work dozens of seconds when starting the engine,then headlights off.

* At the same time,automatic winshield winpers can not work.


Trouble Diagnose:

In order to find the real reason of trouble,we need to make fault recurrence at first to ensure the selfadaptive headlight and automative windshield wiper have not worked normally.Before we repairing this problem,it is necessary to study the work principle of self-adaptive headlight and automatic windshield winpers.


Self-adaptive headlight work principle:

The vehicle equiped with self-adaptive headlights,the ECU can determine the brightness of the light according to the light sensor,then control the headlights on or off automatically.The headlights will light on automatically when vehicle driving in the dark condition,and headlights will light off automatically when it brighten.And even it can switch between high beam and low beam.


Automatic windshield wiper work principle:

Automatic windshield winper determine the raindrops and their size by rain sensor,then make windshield wiper work and control their frequency.Currently,two kinds of popular sensors:optical sensors and capacitive sensors.BMW E53 equiped with photoelectric rain sensor.

After research,technicians find that self-adaptive headlights and automatic windshield wipers use same sensor assembly.According to their work principle and trouble feature (cann’t work at the same time),technicians believe that the probability of a sensor assembly failure is greatest.



First at all,technicians found some bubble at the junction of the rain sensor and the front windshield when checking the sensor assembly.And it can infer that bubbles may damage the iptical characteristics of the sensor,result in windshield wipers can not work.So technicians decide to remove the sensor assembly for repairing.Then maintenance process is as below:

1. Remove the interior rearview mirror cover,the remove the sensor assembly module,you will see a purple lens plate.

2 .Put plastic stents into the junction of the gap,continue to exert force to remove the lens plate.In order to protect lents plate from damaging,you need to clean the double-sided adhesive on the surface of lens plate.

3 .Apply glass silicone to the purple lens plate on the side of the windshield,and fit it exactly at the original position. Perform a light check to ensure that all lens lenses are mounted on the central window of the black area.

4 .After the silicone is dry,install the sensor assembly back.

5 .Drive the BMW E53 to darkroom,check the self-adaptive headlights work fine, and use water gun spray water to rain sensor position,find the automatic windshield wiper also work.


After repairing,the self-adaptive headlight and automatic windshield wiper work fine.The trouble caused by the “bubble”.

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