Top 5 Problems on the 1st Generation Toyota Highlander

Top 5 Problems on the 1st Generation Toyota Highlander


There are the top 5 commons problems with the 1st generation Toyota Highlander, available as model year 2001 to 2007. For detail repair cases, please refer to Toyota Highlander Trouble Repair.



No.1 The VVT Oil Feed Hose

They’ll have a hose that comes from underneath on different engines


And if the hose bursts you’re going to have a severe oil leak. You’re going to see a huge puddle of oil. You definitely need to shut the engine down so that you don’t ruin the engine.


No.2 Check Engine Light After Changing the Air Filter

The air filter box sometimes is pretty easy to knock any of these hoses off or even hit this hose off.


If you do that and then you drive the vehicle, your check engine light will come on.

The easiest thing to do is check all these hoses, make sure they’re all in the right position and clear the code.


No.3 Failed O2 Sensors

One of the O2 sensors is located right here.



There’s going to be another one on the back side of the engine as well.

Those front O2 sensors are the ones that are going to give you the drivability issues. They control the air fuel ratio, the other O2 sensors just monitor the catalytic converters. If your engine’s running rough you get a code for those O2 sensors, most likely replacing the O2 sensors is going to fix your problem.


No.4 Ignition coils

Ignition coils are located right here.


There’s three on the front side of the motor, and there’s three underneath that intake.


What are you going to notice when these fail is the engine is going to run rough, you’re going to have a check engine light, you may even have a check engine light that’s flashing. And if it happens to be due to the ignition coil. You’re going to want to replace all of them at the same time, not not replace one. And it’s always a good idea to replace the spark plugs while you’re doing it.

To access the rear ones, you’re going to want to take the intake off and make sure you replace that gasket while you’re doing that.


No.5 The Center Airbag Sensor Assembly

It’s located underneath the center console, so it’s kind of a big job you have to remove a lot of interior parts.What you’re going to find for symptoms is the airbag light come on, and there should be a code for that sensor.

If you replace that sensor and then you clear the code and the airbag light stays out, you should be good to go. If not, the lights still on you may have to have it programmed.


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