How to Repair Toyota Airbag Off Warning Light Error

This post show you guide on how to repair Toyota “AIRBAG OFF” warningn light error




Mini VCI cable

Techstram TIS diagnostic Software



Connect MINI VCI cable to Toyota OBD port and your PC USB port


Run Techstream software to scan trouble codes

B1795:Occupant Classification ECU malfunction



First suggestion:

Use TIS Techstram software to erase the B1795 trouble code

Then turn off the car,and turn on again,then wait for 10 seconds.

Use read trouble code again,if the error code gone,you are done.


If you try to erase the error code,but it didn’t fix the problem

Just buy a used airbag ecu with same exact part number

After installing it,it work fine without having to reprogram it.

Note:If you get a new airbag ECU,you need upload airbag ecu data from old one to new.


To remove the airbag ecu,you need to take out the passenger seat.

Use 14mm socket to remove 4 bolts


Before remove airbag ecu,please disconnect the battery negative terminal

And wait at least 90 seconds before disconnecting the airbag ecu.

Use 8 mm socket to remove airbag ecu bolts

How-to-Repair-Toyota-Airbag-Off-Warning-Light-Error-5 How-to-Repair-Toyota-Airbag-Off-Warning-Light-Error-6


Make sure two airbag ecu part number same


After then install new one/used back on vehicle.

Start vehicle to test,if the trouble codes still exit,just use TIS Techstream to erase trouble code then test again.

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