IVECO Stralis Euro 3 F3A Engine Electro-Magnetic Joint Replacement Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and replace Electro-Magnetic joint for IVECO Stralis Euro 3 truck F3A engine.


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To cut off the batteries, remove the electric wires or open the main switch.

Lift the calender and tilt the cabin. Remove the coolant filling plug from the header tank.

Go under the vehicle and remove the plug (10) from the radiator (11) and drain the coolant fluid in the appropriate container.

Remove the clip (9) and disconnect the radiator (17) sleeve (11).

Remove the climate control system pipe (6) fastening screw (if fitted) to the air conveyor (12).

Remove the air conveyor (12) fastening screws (8) from the support bracket.

Remove the two sleeve fastening screws to the intercooler radiator (11).

Remove the screw (15) and the electric wire (14). Slacken the clamp (16) and remove the air conveyor (12) from the turbocharger (13) and from the intercooler radiator (5).

Loosen the strap fastening sleeve (7) to intercooler radiator (5).

Drive in the suitable self-threading screw in the pin hole (2) taking care to partially take off and finally remove with a screwdriver the upper clip (3) fastening the fan air (4) conveyor to the radiator guard (1).

Remove the lower clip in the same way.


Disconnect the pipe (1) from the thermostat.

Remove the clip (10) and disconnect the sleeve (9) from the radiator (11).

Slacken the clamps (7) and remove the sleeve (6).

Remove the upper and lower clip (3) as described for the left-hand side.

Remove the radiator support fastening screws on the chassis and move the radiator unit forwards.

Remove the radiator support fastening screws (2) on the chassis and move the radiator unit forwards (14).

Remove the fan fastening screws (2) to the electro-magnetic joint (4).

Loosen belt (16) tension by acting on automatic belt-stretcher (17), then remove the belt from the pulleys.

Disconnect the electric connection (12) from the electro-magnetic join (14).

Disconnect pneumatic piping (15) from electromagnetic coupling (14).

Remove the fan fastening screws (13) to the electro-magnetic joint (14).

Disconnect pneumatic piping (15) from electromagnetic coupling (14).



To refit the electro-magnetic joint, reverse the removal procedure and attain to the following rules:

– check the control belt (16) conditions; replace it if damaged or worn out;

– tighten the screws and/or nuts to the prescribed torque;

– fill the cooling systemwith the prescribed fluid, then blow air off the cooling system as described in the respective chapter;

The electro-magnetic joint is fitted with two threaded holes (→) at 180° one from the other. In the event of fault, lock the joint control driving in a M8x16 mm screw in these holes. In this way it is possible to take the vehicle to the closest dealership.


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