Hyundai IX35 Smart Key Programming Guide

Here comes the guide on how to program smart key for Hyundai IX35.The owner lost one of smart key,contacted our auto locksmiths to add a new smart key.Our technicians search the info and found Hyundai IX35 smart key programming is same as other Hyundai models.It only took 10 minutes to program smart key.

Hyundai IX35 Smart Key Programming Guide-1

Procedures of Hyundai IX35 Smart key programing:

1.Connect the auto key programmer to vehicle OBD port.(The programmer must support model)

2.Follow the device prompts to operate,and you need to enter the 6 digits immo code when you programming smart key.(immo code can be consulted from dealer or calculated by VIN)



1.The smart key need to be placed into the card spot when you programming,otherwise it will caused programming fault.

2.This smart key is common use for KIA K2,but 4 buttons smart key doesn’t.

3.You need to program all smart keys,include original key you used.

4.Only two smart keys can be programed for Hyundai IX35.

Hyundai IX35 Smart Key Programming Guide-2

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