How to Upgrade a Lighted Star on 2015+ Mercedes C-Class W205

This instruction will show you guide on how to upgrade a lighted star on 2016 Mercedes-Benz C300 W205 C-Class. It’s wired up to turn on every time the car is powered up.

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Remove the old star from the grill


This is the new lighted star with a gloss black background, twist it onto the grill


Install the extended wires to the star and then route it behind the headlight


The black wire is ground wire, ground it to the screw


Get access to the fuse box by removing the cover which is held on by two screws, then use a test light pen to probe around all the fuses to see which one turns on with the car.

Notice: It must disconnected the car’s battery before pulling the fuse from the fuse box!


Use a fuse tap connected to the power wire(red wire), plug it back in to where I pulled that blue fuse out which is the second spot.


Reinstall everything, the star will power on with the car.

Let’s check it looks


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