How to Remove & Install Hydraulic Tank for Takeuchi TB1 Excavator

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install hydraulic tank for Takeuchi TB1 excavator.More information about Takeuchi excavator workshop manual please refer to:Takeuchi Excavator Workshop EPC+Service Manual 2018 PDF Files




Removing the hydraulic tank

1.Remove the cab or the canopy.
“Removing the cab”
2.Remove the covers around the tank.
“Removing the covers”
3.Drain the hydraulic oil from the tank.
Gradually loosen the filler plug (1) to release all internal pressure beforehand.
Loosen the drain plug (6) and drain out the oil.
Tank capacity: 44.3 L
4.Disconnect the low pressure hoses from the tank.
5.Disconnect the hydraulic hoses from the tank.
Attach an identification label to each hose for easy reassembly.
Remove the fixing bolts, suspend the tank and remove it
Bolt: ThreeBond #1324 Tank: 45 kg


Installing the hydraulic tank
For installation of the hydraulic tank, follow the same procedure as for removal in the reverse order.

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