How to Make Benz NTG 2.5 Running on Bench without Car

This instruction show you guide on how to make Benz NTG 2.5 work/run on bench without car.It is very helpful to you when you need repair it.



What you need to do is connect NTG2.5 with your SDConnect C4,you need to connect KL30/KL31/CAN-H/CAN-L, you don’t need to connect the ignition pin because NTG2.5 doesn’t have KL15.


And, you need to attach a 120ohm resistor as a terminal between CAN-H and CAN-L, it’s a request of CAN BUS protocol. You can check this thread normal 0.125W-0.25W carbon resistor is OK(Wirewound is not OK)

Then, if your connection are all correct, you should use vediamo to code your NTG2.5, the CBF file is HU25. cbf, you can’t use Xentry/DAS because there is no ZGW on your bench, so the Xentry/DAS will never be connected with NTG2.5.


If you want to test rear view camera, you just need connect your camera to the NTG2.5, but you need supply +12V power to your camera manually.

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