How to Get 1B File from BMW Exx CIC without ICOM Interface

Here s a step-by-step guide on how to get 1B file from BMW Exx CIC unit without BMW ICOM interface.Following the excellent work by Bluebrain and others “Let’s hack the CIC”, I used the

following method to get the 1B file from my E87 CIC


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1.Obtain a D-Link USB Ethernet adapter with the GREY housing as described in the post

2.Plug the USB cable from this adapter to the GLOVEBOX USB socket

3.Set your laptop for STATIC IP


4.Open web browser and type in the address bar.

5.Navigate to HBpersistence/normal and click on “generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTControlle r to download it.


6.Open the file you downloaded in a HEX editor – I used HxD. You should be able to see your VIN (or that of the donor CIC for a retrofit) in this file in several places.

7.You now need to extract the 1B file from this larger file. Find the point in the file that starts “01 01 00 1B …”


8.Delete all data before this point. Your file should now look like this:


9Now you need to delete the extra bytes on the end. The correct length for a 1B file is 0x13F (319 decimal) bytes. Delete the trailing byte 0x13F until the file looks like this:


10.Save this new file as my_1b_file.hex. Congratulations you now have a 1B file and using tools available online you will be able to generate your own FSC codes for map updates – see other posts for the instructions.

I sucessfully used this method to update the maps to 2014-1 on my retrofitted CIC, costing a total of £8.49 for the DCAN USB adaptor from Amazon.

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