How to Easy Reset Tire Light Off Do it Yourself

Reset your tire light also known as TPMS quickly and easily. This instruction will give you some advice about how to easy reset tire light, if your tire light is on, this can help you turn it off and make sure your tires are correctly.

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There is an electronic sensor behind the valve stem.They are self-contained and all they do is monitor tire pressure and they report back to your car what the pressure is and that’s what can trigger tire light


If the tire light has be triggered , first thing to do is check your tire pressure at the RIGHT TIME.

If you live in a colder climate you’ll note that your tire light often comes on when the temperatures drop. Open the driver’s side door, take a look for the label about tire pressure settings information.


The correct time to check tire pressure is early in the morning when the tires are cold.

Only one way to use accurate excellent tire gauge to check and adjust the pressure you need to do it on all four tires, don’t just check one or two tires.

Tire#1 Driver side rear

Tire#2 Driver side front

Tire#3 Passenger side front

Tire#4 Passenger side rear

Spare tire

Do not skip this step it’s the biggest reason the light will end up stained on, and do not forget to check the fifth tire(spare tire).

Many spare tires actually have one of those TPMS sensors in them which means that you have to adjust that tire as well. Not all spare tires have TPMS sensors but you really can’t tell which ones do or don’t. The spare tire uses different pressure.

After you adjust all fire tires pressure correctly at the right time, drive your car around about ten minutes or more,for about 95% the light will go out automatically.

The last thing to do is if your car has a TIRE RESET button, it can help solve some problem. But the issue is if your tire pressure set wrong including your spare, it’s not solve the problem at all.


If you light still on after you do all of this,you may have to go to your dealer because occasionally those sensors do fail or they need replacing.


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