How to Easy Clean Car Engine on Subaru

This short instruction will show you how to quick&easy clean dirty car engine in five minutes on Subaru.

More professional cleaning procedure please click here:

How to Clean Engine Safely Step by Step on Subaru



The first thing you need to do is pick the right cleaning.

We choose P21S total auto wash, you can get 5L size and putting in that little hand pump sprayer, or you can also buy it in a smaller 1L size if you don’t need so much.


Ensure engine is cool

Use a bag cover Alternator


Spray the total auto wash all in the engine compartment


Leave on for 1 minute

Then use a regular garden hose with cold water rinsing the product off

Noted do not use pressure washer


After rinsing, take bag off, use a shop vac exhaust to blow off water, you can use an air compressor or anything that can direct air


Use a rag to wipe down the plastics especially the ones that have flat surfaces to get any remaining water

Start the engine, you’re going to see a little of water fly off those belts and pulleys.

Close the hood and take 10 minutes or longer drive to finish the drying.

Cleaning procedure is done.

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