How to Adjust Throttle Lever for Takeuchi TB128 Excavator

This instruction show you guide on how to adjust the throttle lever for Takeuchi TB128 mini excavator.More information about Takeuchi excavator workshop manual please refer to:Takeuchi Excavator Workshop EPC+Service Manual 2018 PDF Files


Adjust Throttle Lever for Takeuchi TB128 Excavator

Engine revolution:

1.Fasten the wire (2) to the throttle lever (1) with the wire lock pin (3).

2.Move the throttle lever (1) to the “A” (low idle) position and the governor (4) to the “C” position (idle).

  • Make sure that the throttle lever (1) hits against the stopper (5).

3.Fasten the wire (2) with the wire lock pin (6).

4.Move the throttle lever (1) to the “B” (full throttle) side and set the governor (4) to the “D” (full throttle) position.

  • Adjust the stopper (7) so that the throttle lever (1)hits against the stopper (7), and secure the stopper with the lock nut (8)



Control force

1.Loosen the lock nut (9) and turn the nut (10) to adjust the control force.

Control force 29.4 N

“2. Service data, Performance criteria, Lever operating force”

2.Upon completion of the adjustment, tighten the lock nut (9) by holding the nut (10) to prevent it from turning.

3.Operate the throttle lever (1) again to make sure that the control force is stable.


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