How to Adjust Valve Clearance for Komatsu Excavator PC130

This is a guide focus on how to adjust valve clearance for Komatsu excavator PC130.All workshop manual and part catalogue you can refer to:Komatsu CSS Full Set 2018 2014 Parts Viwer Free Download


Note:Stop the machine on a level ground and lower the work equipment to the ground.

Adjust the valve clearance under the following condition.
Engine coolant temperature: Normal temperature



1.Open the engine hood and remove maintenance step (1) and air supply hose (2) on the engine


2.Remove cylinder head cover (4).


3.Remove plate (5) on the starting motor and insert gear B1.


4.Remove compression top dead center TDC check plug (6) from the flywheel housing.
Rotate the crankshaft forward with gear B1 and set it so that you can see the white mark of the flywheel.


When the No. 1 cylinder is at the compression top dead center, the rocker arm of the No. 1 cylinder can be moved by the valve clearance with the hand. If the rocker arm cannot be moved, the No. 1 cylinder is not at the compression top dead center. In this case, rotate the crankshaft one more turn.


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