Komatsu PC130 Excavator Cylinder Cut-Out Operation by Machine Monitor

Cylinder Cut-Out operation means to run the engine with 1 or more fuel injectors disabled electrically to reduce the number of effective cylinders.This operation is used to find out a cylinder which does not output power normally (combustion in it is abnormal). This instruction show you guide on how to perform “Cylinder Cut-Out” operation with the machine monitor.All workshop manual and part catalogue you can refer to:Komatsu CSS Full Set 2018 2014 Parts Viwer Free Download



Selecting menu
Select “Cylinder Cut-Out” on the “Service
Menu” screen.


Selecting cylinder to be disabled
After the “Cylinder Cut-Out” screen is displayed, select a cylinder to be Cut-Out with the function switches.
-[F1]: Move selection mark (R) to left
-[F2]: Move selection mark (R) to right
-[F3]: Reset holding
-[F4]: Hold
-[F5]: Return to service menu screen
-[F6]: Confirm selection
This operation may be performed while the engine is running.
When [F6] is pressed, if background (a) of the selected cylinder No. becomes white,the cylinder is Cut-Out.
If the machine monitor Cut-Out a cylinder but the engine controller cannot Cut-Out that cylinder, the background (a) of the cylinder No. becomes yellow.
One or more cylinders can be Cut-Out.
In the cylinder Cut-Out operation, the auto-deceleration function can be selected. If the auto-deceleration is turned ON, auto-deceleration monitor (b) is displayed.


Resetting Cut-Out cylinder
When changing a cylinder to be Cut-Out or when Cylinder Cut-Out operation is finished,select a Cut-Out cylinder to be reset with the function switches.
This operation may be performed while the engine is running.
When [F6] is pressed, if background (a) of the selected cylinder No. becomes blue,the cylinder is reset.
If the machine monitor resets a Cut-Out cylinder but the engine controller cannot reset that Cut-Out cylinder, the background (a) of the cylinder No. becomes red.
The Cut-Out operation is not automatically reset after the screen returns to the operator mode. Accordingly, be sure to perform the resetting operation after the cylinder cut-out operation is finished.

Function of holding displayed information If [F4] is pressed during the cylinder Cut-Out
operation, the displayed information is newly held (c) (The real-time information is kept displayed on the left side).
While the information is held, if [F3] is pressed,the holding function is reset.
The holding function is effective, regardless of setting of the reduced cylinder mode operation.



If a normally operating cylinder is Cut-Out,the following phenomena occur.
1) Lowering of engine speed
2) Increase of final injection rate command (quantity)
If the engine is running near the high idle,however, the engine speed may not lower for the reason of engine control.
In this case, lower the engine speed with the fuel control dial and judge by increase of the injection rate command.

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