BMW F02 BSD 2E7C Error Oil Level Display Trouble

Here is a BMW repair case on BMW F02 BSD 2E7C diagnostic trouble code and the oil level display can not work.More repair cases about BMW,please check here:BMW Trouble Repair



Tech team use diagnostic tool to read out DTC,it show 2E7C:BSD Data Bus Communications Fault

Measure the BSD voltage,it showed 0.8V,normal value is 12V.It seem the DME can not work correctly,tech team judge it is DME PCB chip damaged,so open the cover.


The damaged chip is located on the back side of DME,you need to use grinder to cut the computer shell.



The oil display can not display is due to the TJA1020 8-pins chip get error.So you need replace a new one.And the install all back on vehicle,and test car,the oil level display trouble disappear and clear 2E7C code.



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