Why Cars With Automatic Transmission Flames Out?

There is no doubt that flameout is a problem make drivers angry when they driving.Especially when they have a important thing to deal with.So here I will share the this article about how to reduce the flameout,and the reasons of flameout.


Reasons reasult in flameout:

  1. Low quality engine oil

Why cars with automatic transmission flames out-1

Usually, vehicles equipped with automatic transmission will not flame out easily. While manual transmission cars that require better driving skills tend to flame out often. However, if you use poor quality engine oil and then your engine cannot breath properly due to carbon deposition. Some gas station may sell low quality gasoline to get more profits. In most cases, even a auto dianostic tool could not find out the problem, and therefore, drivers are suggested to use a good quality oil and regular oil and change oil and filter regualrly.


  1. Clogged oil line

Why cars with automatic transmission flames out2

For new cars with automatic transmission, the main reason of flameout is the lack of driving skills, yet it can also be clogged oil line or electrical problems. About electrical problems, you can keep a cheap ELM327 scanner in your car and use it to troubleshoot your car once you sense something.


  1. Carbon deposition

Why cars with automatic transmission flames out3

The best chance for old cars to flame out is carbon deposition. It could be caused of low quality oil or lack of oil line cleaning.


How to reduce engine flameout?

  1. Fill your gas tank at large-scale gas stations.
  2. Use high-quality engine oil.
  3. Change your oil every 7500 miles.
  4. Diagnose your vehicle every other month.
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