Wabco RSSPLUS Trailer ECU/Dual Modulator Valve Assembly Guide

Here is a instruction show you guide on how to assemble ECU/Dual modulator for Wabco RSSPLUS trailer.


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The replacement ECU assembly may not be mounted on an air tank. An air tank will not support the weight of the ECU/dual modulator valve assembly. A bracket may be fabricated using steel at least 3/16-inch (5 mm) thick or mounted directly to the cross member.


RSS will not function correctly if the mounting location does not meet the following requirements.

To complete the RSSplus™ replacement, you must have 120 psi air pressure available. A 12-volt DC (10 amp minimum) power supply must also be available.

The ECU assembly must be mounted level onto a rigid structure of the subframe and must be mounted facing either the front or the rear of the trailer.

Mount the ECU/dual modulator valve assembly in the center width of the trailer subframe, midway between the axle spacing.

Do not mount to an air tank.

Do not mount sideways. The ECU mounting bolts must point toward either the front or the rear of the trailer.

Wabco Toolbox 13.6 Diagnostic Software


Installation Procedure

1.Apply SAE-standard, DOT-approved paste-type thread sealant to all NPTF threads. Do not use excessive amounts of sealant.

Supply ports are 3/4-inch NPTF.

Delivery control and air suspension ports are 3/8-inch NPTF.

2.Mount the assembly level to a rigid structure of the subframe midway between the side rails, close to the brake chambers the valve serves.

Attach to the cross member. The center-to-center distance between the two holes must be

2-3/4-inches (70 mm) and mount directly to a rigid structure.

OR Attach to a mounting bracket with two 9/16-inch (14 mm) mounting holes with 2-3/4-inches (70 mm) center-to-center distance between the two holes. The bracket must be made of cold rolled 1040 to 1080 steel with a reinforcing gusset.



3.Use two 1/2-inch nuts to attach to the integral bolts. Tighten the nuts to 62 ft-lb (85 Nm).

4.For additional corrosion protection, the ECU/dual modulator assembly may be painted. Mask the exhaust ports before painting. Remove the masking after painting.

5.Washers or spring lock washers are only permitted directly under the nut.

6.The bracket or mounting area must completely cover the bearing surface of the mounting flange.

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