Volvo EC210 Excavator Can Not Start by ECM Error Repair

If you are a Volvo EC210, EC240 excavator owner or driver, you may have had such bad experience. Every morning when you go to work, you find that your EC210/EC240 machine is difficult to start, and it is getting more and more serious,sometime shut off suddenly,or even can not start again anymore.This result due to your Volvo EC210/EC240 ECM error,some components broken.



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How to Repair:

Solution 1:

Firstly power module trouble will cause this error:

The power board of this ECM generates a voltage +50V or +90V. Today we take the EC210 as an example, which is +50V.


If the voltage is damaged, the ECM will not work.

The input of the power board is 24V, a relatively typical single-ended flyback switching power supply is used, and the +24V is chopped and inverted, and the isolation transformer is used to invert to +50V.

Universal faults show as below:

1.The wire cable of input and output broken;

2.PWM switching power supply integrated IC damaged;

3.The amplitude of the feedback resistance varies greatly due to the influence of temperature, resulting in an incorrect output duty cycle;

4.The output large capacitor damaged;

5.Power supply failure of power supply;


Solution 2:

Second reason,the error caused by ECM program error.

You are able to measure idle current value to check if ECM work incorrectly,normal ECM working idle current value is 187mA,but if it is 160mA.It mean your ECM program can not work well.So just re-program your ECM.(Use Volvo Techtool to re-program the software of ECM)


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