VAG ECU EEPROM Calculator Free Download

What is VAG ECU EEPROM Calculator?

VAG ECU EEPROM Calculato is just a modification of an existing application which allows you now to load/read ECU bin files to calculate login and some other features w/o having the associated interface/hardware plugged in your computer.

VAG ECU EEPROM Calculator Free Download

VAG ECU EEPROM Calculator Support Languages:
Available languages: english/german

VAG ECU EEPROM Calculator Support ECU:
EDC15 (EDC15x dump files):
* Calculating Login/Pin
* Reading FIN
* Reading Immo No.
* Reading Immo Status
* Reading Mileage

ME7 (ME7.x dump files): 
* Calculating/modifying the login
* Reading/modifying the FIN
* Reading/modifying the Immobilizer No.
* Immo Status reading
* Setting Immo Off
* Modifying some ME7.x characteristics

For changing the above mentioned values also at EDC15x dump files, please use EDC15_Calculator or enable deactivated fields with Window Enabler application.


VAG ECU EEPROM Calculator Download:!1N1RzQDJ!0v_JpryEr8ctiTcZ5InVmuQKKA8fabXjKhu1aVNoXpA

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