Scania S6 Truck ECU Update by Scania SDP3

This instruction show you guide on how to use Scania SDP3 software to update ECU for Scania S6 truck.



2024.06 Scania SDP3 V2.61.1 V2.40 Diagnostic Software Free Download

2024 2018 Scania Multi EPC Parts Catalogue Free Download



Connect SDP3 VCI3 interface to Scania S6 truck,then run SDP3 software

Search S6 ECU related available update


Check if the S6 ECU is compatible with the one it will be updated (CAN speed 250KB or 500KB)

Put the computer to download the update without the PC battery charger.


When you start recording the SDP3 will ask what you want.

Update without the battery charger (Stop the service at this point)


Don’t turn off the vehicle contact key

Disconnect the module that is in the vehicle and connect that you will update at this time


Now you click yes to continue recording update


During recording disconnect the internet from computer (not send information to scania that the ECU has been updated)


Wait ECU recording finish

Switch off when ordering

Then programming is finish.

For more information about Scania truck,please refer to:Scania Trouble Repair.

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