Replace Chassis Module Primary/Chassis Module Secondary for Paccar Kenworth 2.1M

This procedure is a walk-through on replacing a CMP or CMS on a Kenworth 2.1M cab.More topics about Paccar truck,please refer to:PACCAR Truck Repair.


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1.Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2.Locate the module being replaced.

The CMP and CMS are located behind the left forward cab mount.


3.Disconnect the 5 harness connectors from the CMP.

4.Remove the 2 nuts securing the Chassis Module bracket to the cab mount.

5.If the truck is equipped with a CMS lay the assembly down, unplug the 5 harness connectors from the CMS, and remove the assembly from the truck.

6.Remove the 4 bolts and nuts holding the Chassis Modules to the Chassis Module Bracket.

7.Install the desired module using the original 4 bolts and nuts.

8.If the truck is equipped with a CMS, plug the 5 harness connectors into the CMS.

9.Secure the assembly to the cab mount using the original 2 nuts.

10.Plug the 5 harness connectors into the CMP.

11.Reconnect the negative battery cable.

12.Access PVP through ePortal, put in the last 8 of the VIN and click Search.

13.Click “Save and Continue”, then on the next page click “Submit”.

14.Connect to the truck using DAVIE4.

15.Click the “Software” button and download software for the Chassis module replaced.

16.Program the module.

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