Perkins Phaser/1000 Series 6 Cylinder Engine Oil Cooler Pipe Change

This is a Oil cooler pipe change/fastener change to oil components service bulletin for Perkins/1000 series 6 cylinder engine.


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From engine number YD—–U502358P, new oil filter heads and an oil adaptor head (that are fitted to the left side of the engine). Oil cooler housings and longer setscrews have also been introduced.

From engine number YD—–U502658S, new oil cooler pipes have been introduced for engines with the starter motor on the left side of the engine.

The part numbers of the components affected are listed in the following table.


The new oil filter heads, adaptor and oil cooler housings have deeper threads in their flanges for the oil cooler pipes. The depth of the threads is increased from 16 mm (0.6 in) to 20 mm (0.8 in), the depth of the holes have not been changed.

The new pipe assembly has a cast block at each end and the pipes are flexible along their full length. When the new pipe assembly is fitted, discard the spacer fitted between the oil filter head and the oil cooler pipes.

Note: Ensure that the braid of the pipes is not damaged.


The correct setscrews are listed below, by part number and the under head length, for use with the various arrangements of both early and new components which could be used in service.

As the oil cooler housings, filter heads and the adaptor do not have their part number on them, check that the depth of the threads are correct and that the setscrews are the correct length before the oil cooler pipes are fitted.



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