Perkins 1106D Electric Power Generation CID 0172 FMI 03 Guide

Conditions Which Generate This Code:
The Electronic Control Module (ECM) detects the following conditions:
• The signal voltage from the intake manifold air temperature sensor is greater than 4.95 Volts DC
for more than eight seconds.
• Engine coolant temperature is above -10 °C (15.0 °F).
• The ECM has been powered for at least two seconds.
• Diagnostic code 0168-01 is not active.



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System Response:
If equipped, the diagnostic lamp will flash. The ECM will log the diagnostic code.
The ECM will use the default value of 70 °C (158 °F) for the intake manifold air temperature. “Voltage High” will be displayed next to the status for “Intake Manifold Air Temperature” on the electronic service tool.

Possible Performance Effect:
• Poor stability
• Poor cold running
• White smoke
• Black smoke
• Poor acceleration under load

This fault can be caused by an open circuit or a short to a power source.
Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “Engine Temperature Sensor Open or Short Circuit – Test”



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