Perkins 1106D Electric Power Generation CID 0002 FMI 06 Solution

This illustration show you guide on how to solve Perkins 1106D Electric Power Generation EPG CID 0002 FMI 06 trouble code.

Perkins 1106D Electric Power Generation Can Not Reach Top Engine RPM Repair

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Conditions Which Generate This Code:
This diagnostic code indicates a short circuit (high current) in either the solenoid or the wiring for the electronic unit injector for No. 2 cylinder.

The Electronic Control Module (ECM) detects the following conditions:
• A high current condition (short circuit) for each of five consecutive attempts to operate
• Battery voltage above 9 volts for 2 seconds

System Response:
The ECM will log the diagnostic code. If equipped,the diagnostic lamp will flash.

Possible Performance Effect:
The engine will have low power and/or rough running.

When the “Injector Cutout Test” is performed, a faulty electronic unit injector will indicate a low reading in comparison with the other electronic unit injectors.
An electrical fault can prevent the electronic unit injector from operating. A short circuit in the wiring or the ECM that is unique to one electronic unit injector will prevent that individual electronic unit injector from operating. A short circuit in common wiring within the ECM can prevent the three electronic unit injectors that share that common wiring from operating.


The ECM will continue to attempt to operate the electronic unit injector after the diagnostic code
has been logged but a short circuit will prevent the operation of the electronic unit injector.
Perform the following diagnostic procedure: “Injector Solenoid Circuit – Test”


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