New Holland CX8080 Noise Ingress Into the Cab on CX/CR Combines

The information in this Service Bulletin advises you of the possibility that external noise can enter the cab through an air gap between the rubber door seal and the A-pillar of the cab frame. This concern affects both the left-hand door and the right-hand door of the cab.


To overcome this concern,NEW HOLLAND introduced an additional rubber seal for the cab frame. This additional rubber seal, in conjunction with the existing door seal, ensures an air tight seal between the door and the cab frame.


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The additional rubber seal mounts on the rear edge of the A-pillar of the cab frame (A).

When the door (B) closes, the existing rubber door seal (C) should positively seal against the additional rubber seal strip (D).

New Holland CX8080 Noise Ingress Into the Cab on CXCR Combines (1)




The additional rubber seal is effective from the series 1965 onward.


If you find an air gap between the A-pillar of the cab frame and the door,  NEW HOLLAND recommends you to install the additional rubber seal. See the below instructions.

Unit preparation

NOTE: The four reference points to the unit are the left-hand side, the right-hand side, the front of the unit, and the back of the unit. These reference points apply to someone that faces the direction of travel from a standing position that is behind the unit.



Avoid injury!

Before you start any work on the unit, prepare the unit according to the following instructions.

Failure to comply could result in death or serious injury.

Thoroughly clean the area on the unit that pertains to the service instructions for this Service Bulletin.

New Holland CX8080 Noise Ingress Into the Cab on CXCR Combines (2)

Park the unit on a hard, level surface.

Apply the parking brake.

Completely lower any attachments to the ground.

Shut down the engine.

Remove the ignition key.

Follow any specific instructions that pertain to the unit inside of the service instructions as necessary.

Service instruction

To install the additional rubber seal, proceed as follows:

De-grease the door closure area of the A-pillar.

Peel off the protective cover from rear of the additional rubber seal.

Apply the additional rubber seal to the full length of the rear edge (1) of the A-pillar.

Use a roller to firmly apply the additional rubber seal to the A-pillar.

NOTE: Carry out this procedure for both the left-hand side A-pillar and the right-hand side A-pillar.


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