JCB 416 Wheel Loader Heater/Air Conditioning Controls Removal & Installation Guide

Here is illustration on how to remove and install heater/air conditioning controls for JCB 416 wheel loader.


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1 Make the machine safe with the loader arms lowered.

2 Pull the heater/air conditioning control knobs B and remove them.

3 Loosen their securing nuts C.


4 Remove the securing screws D (x6) from the heater control panel.

Note: The size and shape of the heater control panel can vary.


5 Carefully lift the heater control panel to get access to the connectors below it.


6 Disconnect the electrical connectors G from the bottom H of their controls E and F.

7 Loosen the securing nuts J, then remove the controls E and F from the heater control panel.



The installation procedure is the reverse of the removal procedure.

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