How to Use Scania XCOM to Recover Defective ECU

If an ECU has been flashed with a defective software and other ECUs reports that it is missing,you need to recover it.So here show you guide on how to use Scania XCOM diagnostic software to recover defective ECU.



Scania XCOM V2.30 V2.27 Dongle Emulator Free Download

How to Install Scania XCOM V2.30 Diagnostic Software



1) Select “recovery from defective software” from the Communication menu.


2) Select the defective ECU.

3) Select to recover it. XCOM will try to connect to the ECU now and should succeed within seconds. In case if XCOM fails try to connect to another CAN bus directly on the ECU.

4) On success a message will be shown:


5) Immediately connect with a flash program (Gadget or DMec) and repair the ECU with a no defective software. Do not turn the key or reset the ECU in another way, in that case the whole procedure have to be redone.

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