How to Use iProg Change Mileage for Chevrolet Captiva via OBD2

This instruction show you guide on how to use iProg Pro software to do odometer correction for Chevrolet Captiva 9S12HZ128 by OBD2.More about Chevrolet cases,please refer to Chevrolet Trouble Repair.



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Connect iPROG interface to Chevrolet Captiva by OBD,then run iPROG software

Select “Chevrolet_Captiva_(9S12HZ128)_OBD2”

And click “Read EEPROM”,then it will read out current the mileage value.

During data reading,the dashboard screen will show black,just wait it light up.


After then,input a new value “12345”,and click “Change KM”

Then click “Write EEPROM”,just wait process


Dashboard will be black,then it light up will show new value you modified before.


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