How to solve Nissan Infiniti Swirl Control Solenoid Value Problem

My Nissan Infiniti showed P1130 fault code on Nissan Consult 3 scanner recently. According to the Nissan code scanner, the code meant Swirl Control Solenoid Valve problem. I have no clue where to start then so I took it to the dealership and the stuff said that Nissan had noticed the problem and was looking for a solution.


I did some research online. Some reading told me that the valve is sensitive to a lot of inputs. I had just replaced the spark plugs last month and the idling improved greatly and I thought maybe it just needed to be remapped to the new idle conditions. I clear the code with Consult 3 but it came back the next day.


Next some reading told me to blow out the vacuum lines with air–they get clogged up. The service was free so I pulled the first one off and tried to blow through it with my mouth and was greatly surprised. No flow. Same with the second long one. The short ones were not so bad. I blew them out and put them back on and so far 300+ miles, no SES light, and gas mileage the first tankful seems to be 2-3 mpg improved.


I took the air intake back off and double checked for hoses off and air leaks. Everything seemed OK. But then SES came back on 100 to 400 miles after reset. I searched around the internet found others with similar symptoms had it fixed by replacing the swirl control valve solenoid.

So I just ordered the solenoid valve online.

This valve locates right up on top of the engine. New swirl control valve solenoid valve installed:

How to solve Nissan Infiniti Swirl Control Solenoid Value Problem-1

Old swirl control valve solenoid with new packaging showing the part number:

How to solve Nissan Infiniti Swirl Control Solenoid Value Problem-2

It has been about a week and the code does not come back. No new SES light. The engine running like new, so I am going to declare it good. I am happy that I fixed mine first time for less than $100 because of lots of internet research I have done.

PS: The Nissan diagnostic tool is bought two years ago, so I do not have to spend extra cash.

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