How to Solve CNH DPA5 Incompatible with EST Software

If the DPA 5 firmware has been updated from the internet, it will have been flashed with firmware that is incompatible with the EST software, and will not communicate.So here, show you how to recovery CNH DPA5 firmware after internet updating.


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DO NOT download any DPA5 firmware or utility from the internet.
DO NOT permit a third-party program to download DPA5 firmware.
DO NOT allow any technical support person with remote control of the computer to download a DPA5 utility.
Only a technical support person from CNH Industrial should advise on the EST software and DPA5


Firmware update tool download here


Only Firmware updates initiated by the CNH EST software must be installed on the DPA5.
If the DPA5 has been updated from the internet with non-compatible firmware (65.201) the following scenario will be seen:-
The firmware update prompt appears again with the message……..

the firmware has not been updated……..

The user then initiates the update, and the message then appears…………

the firmware in the DPA5 is newer than the firmware being reflashed……………..

The update then cancels.
When the user closes this message the EST once again prompts the user to reflash the DPA5. If the user closes the message, the EST closes. There is no way to bypass this firmware update, so there is no way to use the EST.

To recover this situation:
If any dealer has incorrectly installed 65.201, there is a utility that allows the EST to restore the DPA5 firmware to version 65.200.04. After running the utility, the EST will correctly program firmware version 65.200.04 to the DPA5 the next time the EST is run. This utility also configures the DG Tech download utility to stop prompting for updates. Find this utility in the EST Update Tool, My Other Updates tab. It is also in the ASIST EST Support page.

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