How to Solve Bobcat Excavator Troubleshooting Intermittent Electrical Fault

Troubleshooting intermittent faults is very difficult. Re-creating the fault is going to be the most beneficial method of narrowing down the possible problems. If this is not possible, there are methods of identifying the problem areas. Below are a few:

Possible Causes:

1.Corroded connections

2.Broken wires (visible or inside the insulation)

3.Poor system grounds

4.Bad battery cables

5.Pushed back pins

6.Female pins damaged or expanded

7.Worn wire harness

8.Poor wire repairs done at a previous time


More repair topic for Bobcat,please refer to:Bobcat Excavator Repair


Troubleshooting these problems should involve the following steps:

1.If possible, find out all necessary details as to when the error occurs

a.when it happens (at start-up or after operation)

b.when it doesn’t


d.attachments used conditions

f.options or kits installed version of the main Bobcat controller version of all other controllers


2.With the system powered up to a point where the error is expected, shake the wire harness along its entire circuit, paying attention to the point where the error re-occurs, if it does.

3.Inspect ALL connectors within the circuits of concern to verify that they are: a.Free of corrosion or moisture b.All pins are fully seated in the connector c.The female terminals are not expanded to cause intermittent connection d.Connectors are fully mated together

4.Visually inspect the wire harness(es) that contains the circuitry in question, looking for any points of wear or rub-through (especially the underside when the harness is laying over another component)

5.Look at the condition of a controller in the system. Check for damaged connectors or separation of black potting material from the edge of the controller case which may allow moisture ingression.

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