Bobcat Excavator D19 MXGateway KEYLESS Panel Downgrade Guide

A keyless panel has a keypad for entering the user or owner password to allow the machine to be started.If the keyless panel is no longer desired,a standard panel(key start) will need to installed, the machine software will need to be updated using service analyzer for the controller to recognize that a standard panel is now installed.So here is a single guide on how to downgrade keyless panel for Bobcat excavator D19 MXGateway.


2023 Bobcat Service Analyzer 91.15 91.05 Diagnostic Free Download



Keyless Panel Downgrade Procedure

See the machine service manual electrical section for the panel replacement procedure.

NOTE:Before performing the downgrade procedure, make sure the machine is turned to the ON position with the remote start tool.

Follow Service Analyzer procedure for downgrade.

NOTE: On any procedure where the engine is NOT running, low battery voltage will cause erratic readings or failed calibration. Always perform procedure with a fully charged battery.


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